11 Interesting Things About Netflix

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Netflix has become a huge part of our lives – as much as Cable TV and cell phones. But the company is relatively tight-lipped about a lot of things, including viewership numbers on certain TV shows and movies.

So I did some research and I came up with some interesting things about Netflix – some of which you might already know, of course. But many of these will probably be new to you, and they’ll help you enjoy Netflix even more.

11 Interesting Things About Netflix

  1. The website was almost named
  2. With over 47 million U.S. subscribers (81 million worldwide!), Netflix outranks any U.S. Cable TV network – and it’s worth more than CBS.
  3. There are over 76,000 subgenres, and the most popular ones have the term “about marriage” in them.
  4. The average subscriber watches nearly 90 minutes of programming on Netflix per day.
  5. Netflix instant streaming accounts for one-third of all prime-time U.S. Internet traffic each night, and it’s the single largest Internet-traffic hog during that time.
  6. Netflix helps parents by offering short five-minute videos (called “Five minute favorites” in search) to help pacify a kid that begs for “just one more video” before bed-time.
  7. Because Netflix considers itself more of a premium channel than a streaming service, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said his goal was to become HBO faster than HBO becomes Netflix.
  8. By installing Google Chrome’s extension for Rotten Tomatoes, called, “Netflix Rate,” you can see critics’ ratings on movies to help you decide what to watch next.
  9. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings came up with the Netflix idea when he had to pay $40 in late fees for holding “Apollo 13” too long after renting it from Blockbuster.
  10. In 2000, Blockbuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million, but they passed. Netflix is now worth more than $32 billion, and Blockbuster is bankrupt.
  11. Netflix is more interested in what you are watching than how you rate what you are watching. They use this information to figure out what to suggest for you next, and to help create their original content. For instance, they used their data mining to figure out that people liked director David Fincher and actor Kevin Spacey, so Netflix made a deal with them to join their “House of Cards” project.

There are tons of interesting things about Netflix many of us would like to know – but they keep their information pretty close to the vest. We promise to relay more interesting facts when we find them out!

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