Why So Serious? 3 Funny Superheroes Worth Streaming Now

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Hearing that “The Tick” is going to be a darker series than in the past was a huge disappointment.

Isn’t anyone else sick of all the over-dramatic superhero shows and movies? At least “Deadpool” took some of the edge off with a ton of great comedy and one-liners. And I’m a fan of productions like Fox’s “Gotham” and the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, but Batman was very much supposed to be a dark storyline since its inception.

With the understanding that Marvel is considered the “adult” version of superhero comics, compared to DC Comics at least, the Netflix series of dark dramas is starting to get old.

The first season of “Marvel’s Daredevil” was great – and it had a lighter tone than the second season. The Daredevil followup, “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” was very dark. Both franchises are incredibly popular, and “Luke Cage,” is certain to follow in their footsteps in both the dramatic and successful avenues.

But for those that are like me, a little sick and tired of the overly serious superheroes, I thought we’d share a trio of our favorite funny superheroes worth streaming on Netflix and other streaming services now.

3 Funny Superheroes to Stream

All of these are available to stream on your computers, but if you have Roku, Apple TV or another streaming device, you can also watch these funny superheroes shows on your televisions.

The Tick” on YouTube

While I already mentioned the new reboot of the live-action series, “The Tick” cartoons from the 1994-97 was one of the best. There are 36 total episodes over the three-year span that it was shown on Fox. Luckily, the good guys over at the “Superhero Televisions” YouTube channel have all 36 episodes available to stream for free right now.

 “SuperMansion” on Crackle

From the creators of Robot Chicken, “Supermansion” is a great stop-motion cartoon that follows a bumbling superheroes team, led by “Titanium Rex,” an over-the-hill superhero voiced by Bryan Cranston.

This is NOT a children’s animated series, though, with a lot of overt sexual references and animated violence. But as far as funny superheroes shows go, this is one of the best. There are 13 episodes available to stream for free on Crackle, with a second season probably on the way.

The Awesomes” on Hulu Plus

Another “comical” team of funny superheroes comes to us from the land of Hulu. The Awesomes are a team of superheroes that are replacing a band of legendary superheroes that recently retired.

Created by Seth Meyers, of both SNL and Late Night fame, and produced by SNL’s Lorne Michaels, “The Awesomes” are chock full of great SNL voices and superbly funny superheroes. The villain in the pilot, Seaman, is voiced by Andy Samberg – and he’s just … awesome. Plus (I believe you can watch the first two episodes for free without paying for a full Hulu Plus subscription.)

The Awesomes - Hulu Original - Funny Superheroes streaming

There are 30 total episodes in three 10-episode seasons — and it was recently announced that “The Awesomes” will NOT be renewed for a fourth season. Even so, it’s a great show, with a ton of comedy, and it developed a pretty nice following before it ended. It’s one of the first Hulu Originals created by the streaming service.

Enjoy these three groups of funny superheroes and let me know in the comments section if I’m missing a great comical comic TV show available for streaming!