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Is 3rd Time a Charm for Amazon Pilot “The Tick”?

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One of my favorite funny superhero shows was “The Tick,” a satirical live-action comic book show, which starred Patrick Warburton from “Seinfeld,” as “The Tick,” a superhero in a blue costume.

He was kind of dopey and had characteristics of all the great super heroes, and Warburton played him perfectly. (Before the live action series, there was a short-run animated series in the mid-‘90s.

With news that “The Tick” is getting a live-action reboot as an Amazon Pilot, I got excited all over again, as one of the funniest comics around gets another deserved chance to join his superhero counterparts.

Ben Edlund, the creator of the comic book, cartoon show and live-action original, will once again be the writer and executive producer for this show.

Unfortunately, I also recently read that this version of “The Tick” was going to be a darker version of its predecessors.

“In the new incarnation, the blue suit-wearing Tick is recovering from a memory loss. He ends up re-teaming with Arthur to fight evil. Newman’s Arthur, played in the Fox series by David Burke, had been labeled as a schizophrenic because of his statements that evil plans to rule the city, and no one believes him until he runs into Tick. Curry’s Dot Everest is a nurse who loves her brother Arthur to death and worries about him.” –

Since Warburton is on NBC’s “Crowded,” a show I believe is destined to get canceled, he’s unable to star in the new sitcom version of his old show.

Amazon’s “The Tick” will star Peter Serafinowicz, who I was a huge fan of back when he was on Will Arnett’s short-lived sitcom, “Running Wilde.” Alongside him, Griffin Newman from “Vinyl” and Valorie Curry from “The Following” will co-star as Arthur and Dot respectively.

Serafinowicz was stellar as the antagonist neighbor on Arnett’s sitcom, and I think he’ll bring a great energy to this new show. While we’d love to see Warburton back, I think he might have been a little too David Puddy for this role again.

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