4 Little-Known Shows to Binge Watch This Week

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Before the days of streaming software such as Netflix and Hulu, people had to rely on public television to watch their favorite shows. Nowadays, however, with the power of streaming software people can watch their favorite shows at any time. Additionally, there are no restrictions to which episode is being watched.

Unfortunately, due to the number of shows and episodes available for streaming, it can be hard to decide what to watch. Sometimes, it’s nice to check out a show that is relatively unknown in the world.

4 Lesser-Known Shows to Binge Watch

Instead of wasting your free time doing nothing this week, we recommend that you start binge-watching all of the following shows:


Before Joss Whedon put all of his heart into The Avengers, he made incredibly entertaining TV shows. One in particular is “Dollhouse,” which ran for around a year. It’s a science fiction series with a somewhat unique plot. The premise of the show revolves around a particular corporation that operates several Dollhouses, which are underground establishments. The individuals in these facilities are known as Dolls, and they get hired by various clients around the world. Some of their duties include heists, assassinations and sexual encounters.

I admit, “Dollhouse” is not a perfect show by any stretch of the imagination. There are times where it’s hard to like the characters. Sometimes the show becomes repetitive, and there are rare times when it becomes dull. However, the premise of the show is what is so great. Also, there is enough substance to satisfy even the strictest of people. Sure, you may not end up loving this show, but it should entertain you the entire way. Is there anything else that you could ask for in a movie or TV show than to be entertained?


If you have never heard of “Angel,” but are a huge fan of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” then you will love this show. “Angel” is a direct spin-off from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Whether it’s actually better than Buffy is highly debatable, but it’s a great show in its own right. This show is entirely centered on Angel, who is a vampire who had his human soul return to him. Basically, throughout the entirety of the show, he works as a private detective where he and his associates strive to help out all of the people in need.

Let’s be honest for a second, many of the criticisms of “Angel” are simply because it’s a spin-off to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” However, that still didn’t stop it from being a terrific show. The action in “Angel” is just a little better than in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but not by much. The presentation of the show is also masterfully done, as you can get a feel of what’s going on. My highest recommendation is first to watch “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and then watch “Angel.” Then, you can compare the two and decide which one you like better.

“Billy the Exterminator”

Maybe I am completely out of my mind for putting “Billy the Exterminator” on this list, but this show is utterly terrific. This is a reality show that follows Billy Bretherton and his family as they help rid the world of terrible bugs and pests. From episode to episode, Billy and his brother Ricky take on wasps, roaches, gators and various other types of pests.

“Billy the Exterminator” is fascinating to watch and learn how they remove certain animals and kill certain pests. I have actually learned quite a lot about protecting my own home from animals and pests from watching this show, and there a good amount of drama because sometimes a job gets a little hairy. But even if you are not interested in learning about extermination, this show is hilarious and well worth your time.

“Godzilla: The Series”

Godzilla: The Series” picks up directly where the 1998 movie left off. After the events of the 1998 film, there was one egg left over from the nuclear bombing of Madison Square Garden. How that egg survived is a topic for another day, but it hatched and “Godzilla: The Series” was born. Throughout the entirety of the series, Godzilla takes the role of the hero as he helps out the main characters against several mutated monsters.

In all honesty, “Godzilla: The Series” should be a horrible show. The characters in the show are boring, the voice acting is lazy, the transitions between scenes are awkward, and the story is extremely repetitive. However, there are two reasons this show is worth your time: the music and the action. Yes, watching Godzilla and various other mutated monsters duel to the death never gets old. The music, though, fits in so well with the show that you forget the characters are awful! Usually, I would recommend staying away from a show that has terrible characters. The reality is, though, if you love watching Godzilla, then you need to binge this show!

Although it’s not the only way to do so, I highly recommend binge watching these shows through Netflix. The only problem you may run into, depending on your location, is geo-restriction. If you find that you are unable to watch one of these shows because there is no access to where you are, then make sure you download a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN will unblock any access issues you are having, and it will let you stream any show on Netflix from anywhere.

Have you seen any of these little-known shows? If so, did you like them? Please leave a comment below, and let us know your thoughts.

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