7 Funny TV Shows on Crackle – No, Seriously!

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Before we get into seven funny TV shows on Crackle, let’s first discuss why this article is a surprising one to read!

No doubt, as you’ve discover different streaming services, you are excited until you peruse their movie and TV show library, only to find that what they have is mostly available on other streaming sites. And the stuff that’s not is usually not that interesting to begin with.

Crackle’s streaming service is not only full of a lot of not-worth-watching shows and movies, but its apps can be cumbersome (especially on Roku), and it’s difficult to really find something you know is on there.

Hey, What is Crackle, Anyway?

Do some online searches and you’ll suddenly understand why Hulu and Netflix were smart to name their companies something silly (or at least, naming their companies with a brand new word). Do a search on “Crackle,” or set up a Google News alert on the same subject, and you’ll end up getting plenty of articles about ceramics and paints.

But nevertheless, “Crackle” is what the streaming service is named and that’s not going to change.

Crackle is a streaming service owned by Sony – which is a major corporation that happens to own several entertainment entities, like Columbia pictures — one of the “Big Eight” major film studios in Hollywood. Sony also owns one of the major music studios, also.

Remember a few years ago, when Netflix suddenly lost a ton of Sony-produced titles? You have to assume part of that reason was because Crackle streams movies and shows produced by studios under the tech giant’s arm. But this also explains why their content is relatively limited.

The good news is that Crackle is free – with ads. The ads aren’t that intrusive, but they can slow down your viewing.

But honestly, I enjoy looking for good things to watch on Crackle, and I think you’ll enjoy the following, too!

7 Funny TV Shows on Crackle Worth Watching

Not everything in this list is for everyone, but you should be happy with a few of these shows – especially if you’ve gotten sick of stuff on Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Without question, this short TV show is the hallmark of this streaming service, and it is likely the draw that introduced millions of people to Crackle that had never heard of it previously.

Synopsis: Jerry Seinfeld picks up fellow legendary comics (mostly) in a classic car that changes every episode, then he interviews them both in the car and at a random coffee shop over a cup of joe.

I imagine the pitch meeting for this show went like this:

  • Sony’s Execs: Good morning, Jerry. We’re excited to hear you have another idea for a TV show?
  • Jerry: Yes! The idea for the show is –
  • Sony’s Execs: We’ll take it!

It’s a great way to hear how comics think and talk when they’re not being interviewed by the press. And the antique cars are pretty awesome, as they become a character in the show themselves.


After CICGC, this is my favorite show – and it even ranks among my 10 favorite shows to stream anywhere, not just on Crackle. The fact that it’s animated makes it easier to watch over and over, for some reason.

This show is about a superhero team led by Titanium Rex, who is in the latter years of his hero-dom, voiced perfectly by the incomparable Bryan Cranston. I’ll let you meet the other superheroes that live together in the SuperMansion on your own, but just know that they’re voiced by other great comedians, like Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Green and Jillian Bell (Workaholics).

Crackle picked up this new classic for a second season, which will premiere in early 2017.

The Three Stooges

From a new classic to an old classic, you can watch 31 fantastic episodes (mostly with Curly, and a few with Shemp!) of one of the greatest slapstick comedy teams this world has ever seen. Anyone over 30 years old likely watched the Stooges as kids when they ran before or after school, but then we didn’t see much of them for 10 or 15 years.

If you have kids, please introduce them to Larry, Moe and Curly (or Shemp!).

Mad About You

This show is pretty dated to the ‘90s, but it’s important to realize that Paul Reiser’s sitcom about a 30-something married couple in Manhattan, along with Helen Hunt, was a big part of NBC’s Must-See-TV comedies in the ‘90s. As a matter of fact, it has three ties to some of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

Lisa Kudrow played Ursula, the horrible waitress that Paul and Jamie always seem to get, and she ends up being the twin sister to Phoebe on Friends, which aired the following year. Also, in another episode, Paul decides to give up the lease on his bachelor pad, and sign it over to the current tenant – one Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld. And in yet another great crossover, Alan Brady, from The Dick Van Dyke Show, played by Carl Reiner, joins Mad About You for an episode.

The Tick

With just nine episodes, this version of The Tick really didn’t get much steam behind it before Fox pulled it. The live-action sitcom starred Patrick Warburton (David Puddy from Seinfield) as the Tick, an amnesiac that escaped a mental hospital and believes he is a superhero, with his sidekick Arthur, an accountant Moth Man, whose catch phrase is, “Not in the face! Not in the face!” This is just a fun show worth watching – with a revival of the live-action series coming to Amazon soon!


Another throwback to the ‘90s, NewsRadio was a wildly underappreciated show after its run ended. It’s bursting with comedic talent, including Dave Foley (The Kids in the Hall), SNL’s Phil Hartman, Joe Rogan, Stephen Root (Office Space) and Andy Dick (when he was funny).

Unfortunately, after Hartman was murdered by his wife, this show went one more season, with Jon Lovitz doing his best to replace Hartman’s energy, but the show was just a sad reminder of what the comedy world lost.

However, as a show to stream, it’s super solid, with Maura Tierney (The Affair) owning a spot in my ‘90s crush lists.

The Critic

Speaking of Lovitz, the former SNL veteran starred in this animated show for adults that was created by The Simpsons’ Al Jean. Lovitz plays Jay Sherman, a New York film critic on a TV show called “Coming Attractions,” that reviews films that sound awfully familiar to ones we already know. He reviewed movies like Abe Lincoln: Pet Detective and Scent of a Wolfman. His catch phrase for a move he didn’t like, “It stinks!” Unfortunately, one season on ABC, and then the next year on Fox, meant some people also thought The Critic stunk, too. But I liked it – and I always thought it was a great predecessor to Fox’s The Family Guy with all of the non-sequitur scenes from fake movies.

So next time you’re looking for something to laugh at – think about flipping over to this streaming service and watching these seven funny TV shows on Crackle!