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9 No-Duh Reasons $8.25/Mo. For Amazon Prime is the Best Streaming TV Deal

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If you’ve ever gone to Costco or Sam’s Club, you’ve seen how buying in bulk can be a great deal for you and your family. But then you can’t ever find room to store that 55-gallon barrel of peanut butter. This article is going to explain how Amazon Prime is the best streaming TV deal running, including both Netflix and Hulu Plus, and if you don’t have it yet, it should help you understand why it’s so good.

For the record, I have all three services – Amazon, Hulu and Netflix. And really, all three are worth the low price of about $10 per month. One of the big differences between the three is that for Amazon, you have to pay $99 up front for a year’s subscription. That’s one of the main sticking points for many people because they think they can just get a lot of what the Amazon Prime service has to offer on Netflix. I’m going to explain how that’s not the case.

Both Hulu Plus and Netflix cost $7.99 per month, which comes with commercials (Hulu) and no DVDs sent in the mail (Netflix). You’re getting the streaming video service. That’s all. Keep that in mind as we go through this list of Amazon Prime attributes, and why paying what would come out to $8.25 per month is the best streaming TV deal.

9 Obvious Reasons Amazon Prime is the Best Streaming TV Deal

I joined Amazon Prime well before Amazon Prime Video really had much going for it. So I wanted to explain all the reasons it’s such a fantastic deal, just like that $9 jar with 19,000 olives!

1. Free 2-Day Shipping

This seems to be the main reason people I know have signed up for Amazon Prime already. Consider that standard shipping for anything starts at $3.99, and two-day shipping usually costs about twice as much. Even if you just did standard shipping, you would need to get 25 different Amazon Prime products on different days to pay for itself. That sounds like an excessive amount – but realize that you start shopping differently when you have Amazon Prime.

For instance, run out of batteries? Buy them on Amazon Prime. Need some new boxers? Thinking about getting a pair of sneakers? Get a charging cable for your iPod for every room in the house. You start finding reasons to buy things on Amazon you’d normally save for a big trip to Target.

The products do have to be Amazon Prime eligible, but it’s rare that I find things I want that aren’t Amazon Prime eligible. In the past year, I’ve purchased about 25 different things, ranging from dog chew toys to baby gifts (sent directly to recipient with free 2-day shipping) to luggage to clothes to a popcorn brand I wanted to try. (You can also easily return stuff for free, as well.)

2. Unlimited Instant Streaming of over 40,000 Movies & TV Shows

Many of the same titles available here are available on Netflix or Hulu Plus, but not all (more on that later). But you do end up watching some things on Amazon and some things on Netflix/Hulu, mostly because you find them on one and not the other easier.

3. Dozens of Classic HBO Shows You Can’t Stream Outside of HBO

Amazon and HBO made a deal last year that allows the streaming service to offer HBO content to its subscribers – without an additional charge! Get that? You pay for Amazon Prime, and you get HBO content. It’s different from the HBO Now or HBO Go apps, which streams current shows and movies now playing on Cable TV’s HBO. But you’ll get to stream HBO shows like:

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Oz
  • Sex and the City
  • Six Feet Under
  • The Sopranos
  • True Blood
  • The Wire

Considering HBO costs over $10 a month in any other form, this is a great deal for Amazon Prime customers – that they’re getting without any additional cost.
Amazon Prime Video Best Streaming TV Deal

4. Vote on Amazon Pilots For Full Seasons

I love when a new batch of Amazon Pilots are available to watch each year (sometimes twice in a year) because it gives me a chance to have a say in what will or won’t be produced going forward.

The way it works is Amazon releases the pilots (first episode) of a series (or a few different series), you watch them through your Amazon Video app or online, and then you go on Amazon and vote on how good it was. Then Amazon uses all the viewer votes to decide if the pilot should turn into a full season of episodes.

5. Award-Winning Amazon Originals

Several original Amazon pilots have become series, and two of them have already won awards. For instance, two series have won the Golden Globes for “Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy)” in the past two years! In 2015, “Transparent” won two Golden Globes and five Emmys, while “Mozart in the Jungle” won two Golden Globes in 2016. These shows are real examples of how viewer votes work! Both series came out in the second season of Amazon Pilots, back in early 2014.

6. Easy Video On-Demand Movies & TV Shows

You can also rent movies and shows, like you would on iTunes, DirecTV, Vudu or your Cable TV on-demand channels. Many people see these and think, “Why aren’t these free if I pay for Amazon Prime!?!” But just look at it as a completely different service. It would be like if Netflix started offering recently run movies for rental through their service. You’d think that was a good thing.

7. Borrow One e-Book Per Month in Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

By now, everyone understands that Amazon owns the e-book industry – and considering they’re the ones that created it, that’s a good thing. With the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, you’ll be able to borrow one book per month to your Kindle and keep it as long as you want, with no due dates or a grumpy librarian shushing you. You’ll gain access to over 1 million books to borrow from. (You do need to own a Kindle for this feature, though.)

8. Stream Unlimited Ad-Free Music

By now, you’ve been using another streaming music service like Pandora or Spotify, and you had to make the choice between free music with ads or an ad-free subscription service. Amazon Prime Music is ad-free – because you’re already paying for Amazon Prime, which costs less per month than Spotify Premium ($9.99)!

9. Share Your Free 2-Day Shipping

You can share your free two-day shipping capabilities with other members of your household, too. Got a kid in college? Set him up and let him get stuff shipped directly to him with free 2-day shipping.

Got roommates? Share the service with them – along with the cost of the service for the year, and everyone wins!

BONUS: Free Amazon Prime Trial

If you’re still undecided about paying for a full year of Amazon Prime service, you can try it out for a full month before making the decision to pull the trigger. Cancel before the 30 days are up – and you won’t get charged. Meanwhile, you’ll get to see how many Amazon Prime-eligible products there are (like I said, I rarely find ones that aren’t), and you can try out all of the Amazon Prime Originals and video content.

We think you’ll agree that Amazon Prime is the best streaming TV deal out there because of everything you get that’s included with their Amazon Prime video service.

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