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Will “The Path” on Hulu Be Easy to Follow?

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“The Path” is a new dramatic TV series about to debut March 30 on Hulu, based around a family embroiled in a controversial religious movement that the FBI has begun to investigate.

Aaron Paul, the award-winning actor that played Jesse on “Breaking Bad” for several seasons, is set to star in it.

His character, Eddie, came into the religion following his wife, who was born into it. But he finally feels like it’s not for him – but if he voices his displeasure with it, his family/wife/friends will turn their backs on him. That forces him to continue on despite his inner voice.

“The Path” on Hulu is one of several new series coming out on streaming services this month. Bookmark our “Streaming TV Shows Coming Soon” grid to know what’s coming down — the path.

You can also follow “The Path” socially @ThePathOnHulu, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

How Successful Can “The Path” On Hulu Be?

The trailer has a really nice, dark feel to it, but a show about a questionable religion is sure to prick the ears of many viewers, so it’ll be interesting to see how well it’s received.

While there have been plenty of shows about religion in the past, it’s difficult to think of a successful one that hammered on even a made-up religion.

“The Leftovers” was a post-rapture show on HBO that lost a lot of viewers after the first few episodes of the first season. (And this was during a particularly “rapture”-heavy period in TV and movies.)

As a matter of fact, from Season 1 to Season 2, “The Leftovers” lost over half of its viewing audience, according to Of the 15 shows that aired on HBO in 2015, it came in eighth, right in the middle, with nearly 700,000 viewers.

That was enough to bring it back for a third season, but this will be its final season.

Paul will have a solid cast surrounding him, including Michelle Monaghan (“Heartbreak Kid”), Hugh Dancy (“Hannibal”) and Minka Kelly (“Friday Night Lights”).

Hulu is hoping to capture audiences with some original dramas, like “11.22.63,” the way their premium Cable TV brethren has, but it remains to be seen if taking “The Path” was the way to do that.