Becoming Your Streaming TV Guide

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We launched this website a couple months ago, and our goal has always been to become one of the very first places you come to whenever you get ready to watch some movies or TV shows through a streaming service or device.

There are more than 13,000 movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix, and other services like Amazon Video and Hulu have a few more thousand apiece, many of which aren’t available on Netflix.

What Does tvUPstream Focus On?

Rather than try to steer you to all the best movies and TV shows on each streaming service, we focus solely on all of the original shows and movies from those streaming services.

So Netflix Originals, Amazon Original Pilots, Hulu Originals and even Crackle Originals will all be discussed on this site! As a matter of fact, one of our very first articles on the site was our 2016 TV Streamies Awards, which gave props to all of the best original streaming content on those four major streaming services.

That’s why we posted both our “Streaming TV Guide” and our “Streaming TV Shows Coming Soon Grid.” The first article shares all of the original shows on each service, along with their Metacritic rating (which is like their Rotten Tomatoes score). And the second page is a grid that shows what the next original shows are about to premiere, as well as which new seasons are going to hit soon.

We’ve been slowly building up the content, with anywhere from three to five articles per week, and we’re hoping to ramp that up as we continue to grow. (If you’d like to write for us, let us know!)

At tvUPstream, we hope to earn more and more returning readers each week, with good articles about streaming TV, discussions about streaming devices and news, and some interesting TV show ideas. We want to be your streaming TV guide, and that might take a year or two, but that’s our plan!