Google’s Chromecast Beats Amazon, Apple TV, Roku Last Year

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Do you Roku? Do you get it on with Amazon? Or do you stream fast with Google’s Chromecast?

Last year, according to a study done by Strategy Analytics, Google’s Chromecast streaming device accounted for 35 percent of the 42 million digital media streamers that were shipped in 2015. This was discovered in a study called, “Global Connected TV Device Vendor Market Share: Q4 2015.”

That means Google’s Chromecast beat out traditional streaming devices, like Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV, which both came in just behind in the great device race of 2015.

What’s important to note is that eight out of every 10 digital media streamers that were shipped across the world in 2015 were streaming products from Amazon, Apple, Google or Roku.

Unlike Apple TV, the other three products can be purchased as streaming sticks, and the Google Chromecast has the lead on all of them.

At just $35, the portable streamer is a reasonable way for cordcutters across the globe to connect with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video.

Ranking Top 4 Streaming Devices From 2015

This report looked specifically at streaming devices that shipped last year, as opposed to how many devices were sold, but I really don’t see the rankings changing much because of that.

  1. 1. Google’s Chromecast

The firm that ran this study explained that they believe the price and portability of this product made it a great impulse buy.

“However, the mobile device is not necessarily the center of the universe for everyone and devices such as Apple TV, Roku and the Amazon Fire TV continue to prove popular with those looking for a more traditional remote-based and UI driven TV experience.” – Strategy Analytics

  1. 2. Apple TV

Apple TV is actually the oldest streaming device, as they have shipped 37 million units since 2007, which leads all other streaming devices. But their original price was much more expensive, as in over $100, which allowed other streaming devices to swoop in and undercut them.

An interesting point in total units sold is that the Google Chromecast has 27 million units shipped, especially after they came out with their new recent model.

  1. 3. Roku

Roku shipped 20 million units (both players and streaming sticks) since they’re arrival to the market, but it’s very important to note that they were certainly the underdogs in this game – and they’ve made up considerable ground.

Consider the marketing power that Apple, Google and Amazon has, then you should be completely impressed by Roku’s ascension in the market.

  1. 4. Amazon Fire TV

The newest of the four, Amazon Fire TV only has a couple years under its belt, but they’re also the only streaming device that has its own streaming service automatically coupled with it. Cordcutters that watch streaming on other devices are certainly becoming away of the Amazon Fire TV player or streaming stick, as they watch Amazon Video’s award-winning original shows.

If 8 of 10 streaming devices sold are among the four above, what are the other devices? That other group is an amalgam of other streaming devices you might not think about, like Smart TVs, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players.

And no matter how much I explain my opinion on why it’s dumb to buy a Smart TV, those sales are going to continue to climb for at least two or three more years.

But once people realize it’s much more expensive to replace their Smart TV than it is to replace Google’s Chromecast, and streaming devices like that, those Smart TV sales will drop back down.

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