House of Cards Season 4: Catch-Up Edition

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How excited were you when you got the email that said “House of Cards Season 4” was going to premiere on March 4?

Well, if you were like me, you get pretty damn excited! But if you were also like me, you may have forgot where the third season left off. So before my binge watching can commence this Friday, I watched the finale from last season for a quick refresher.

Here’s where things left off…

Season 3 House of Cards Finale Recap

There was a lot of criticism over last season, and I have to admit that it did feel like it was going at a much slower pace than previous seasons.

But, as I thought about it more and more, Season 3 was really about relationships. It was about how relationships break down. Doug and Rachel. Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood.

It looked Rachel is going to get her life back in order in the finale. She has a stable place to live and is working two jobs. She saves up money to get a new identity to start over as Cassie Lockhart, and it appears that she is going to be able to get a fresh start. Doug’s obsession with Rachel drives him to the edge, however, and he stakes out her whereabouts.

He buys a cheap van, abducts Rachel, and takes her to a remote location where no one can hear her scream. It looks like Doug is going to murder Rachel, but he decides to let her go. She doesn’t get the fresh start she was looking for, however, as Doug changes his mind. We see his van barreling down on Rachel, and the next scene is him filling a grave.

House of Cards Season 4

“We’ve been lying for a long time, Francis.”

That’s the opening dialogue between Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood that sets the stage for the dramatic finale.

The quarrel couldn’t come at a worse time for Frank, as he’s trying to fight off Heather Dunbar for the 2016 election. Frank is able to hold off her efforts to dethrone him in Iowa, but Claire is absent in supporting her husband. Frank has to continually make excuses for why Claire isn’t there, but he informs her in a non-subtle way that she is going to be joining him in his next stop in New Hampshire.

The season concludes with Claire informing Frank that she will not be going with him to New Hampshire. But she also shocked us by telling Frank she is leaving him.

Because the breakdown of the relationship was built up so well, I think “House of Cards Season 4” is going to start off with a lot of fireworks. We get to see the aftermath of what happens when a Fist Lady decides to leave her post.

House of Cards Season 4 Information

“House of Cards Season 4” will premiere this Friday, March 4, 2016.

You can only find this bad boy on Netflix, and you will be able to binge your little heart out as soon as it is released. Normally, Netflix will send you an email as soon as it is available.

Let the countdown to House of Cards Season 4 begin!

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