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Is Hulu Worth the Money? Yep! With 4 Reasons Why

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As cord-cutting becomes a popular move by households across the country, decision-makers are trying to figure out if Hulu is worth the money.

Just as curious, people that still have Cable TV are wondering if Hulu is worth buying, even though a lot of the streaming content already comes through their cable subscription.

We’re going to explain who really needs Hulu, and whether or not it’s as valuable as a service like Netflix.

Just What Exactly is Hulu and Hulu Plus?

Knowing just exactly what Hulu is helps you understand why they exist and what they can do for you.

Created in 2006, Hulu is actually a company that is owned by Disney, Fox Broadcasting and NBC Universal. What that means is that the very networks that are scared about you cutting the cord are the very ones running Hulu.

Even way back then, networks understood that movies and TV shows were going to soon be streaming online, as Netflix began streaming movies in January of 2007.

So these three networks built their own streaming service that has since turned into a place where people could watch their TV shows a day or so later, as well as movies and original content. Remember, though, that these three networks (ABC, Fox and NBC) own a ton of the Cable TV networks out there, too, so many of those channels stream content onto Hulu as well. We’re talking about AMC, Animal Planet, Bravo, The CW, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, TNT and several others.

CBS chose not to join this conglomerate, at that time, most figured it was because they were owning television anyway. Now we know they have their own “CBS Access” streaming service, and they’re literally banking on people signing up to watch all their CSI’s and sitcoms. There are a small amount of CBS shows available on Hulu Plus, though.

The three networks basically agreed to offer some/most of their TV shows on this new streaming channel, usually within a short period after they aired on TV.

With just Hulu, you’ll get a very limited amount of shows available to you, making it only useful for a very small crowd. Imagine Netflix having a free option that only offered about one percent of their content, if that.

Also, Hulu limits viewing to just computer screens, whereas Hulu Plus streams TV shows and movies to your Internet streaming devices, including your computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and over-the-top boxes, like Roku and Apple TV.

So now that you know Hulu Plus streams movies and recent TV shows, for the most part, along with several other things, now you have to determine if it’s worth paying for.

4 Reasons Why Hulu is Worth the Money

Hulu Plus costs $7.99 each month if you’re willing to watch the commercials, or you can pay a monthly total of $11.99 to watch movies and shows commercial-free. (There are actually a handful of shows where commercials still run, but unless they are the main ones you would watch, it’s not noticeable. Those shows are “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “Scandal,” “Grimm,” “New Girl” and “How To Get Away With Murder.”)

Some of the reasons we believe Hulu is worth the money includes:

New Network TV Shows Within One Day of Airing: Many people talk about binge-watching shows on Netflix, but they don’t get a lot of their network shows until a year or so later. But Hulu, since it’s an extended arm of network TV, they’ll have shows available to stream as soon as the very next day.

Using It as a Cord-Cutting DVR: If you have Cable TV or if you’ve already cut the cord, you can basically use Hulu as your DVR, because you can watch last night’s network shows on the next day. You can pause, stop, rewind – and fast forward, which your Cable TV On Demand won’t allow you to do.

Watch Above-Average Hulu Originals: There are actually a number of really good shows on Hulu, created by Hulu. Hulu Originals aren’t yet as good as the ones from Netflix or even the ones from Amazon Video, but they recently changed that. First, “11.22.63” is a very good mini-series, in spite of the fact that it goes away from Stephen King’s book in several ways. Secondly, the new Aaron Paul drama, “The Path,” is getting great reviews and it certainly looks like a great vehicle for Paul to continue the solid work he started with “Breaking Bad.”

Tons of Classic Movies in “The Criterion Collection”: If you like old, classic movies, then this just became the best $8 you’ve spent this month, as “The Criterion Collection” hosts over 900 classic films from dozens of great directors. From Ingmar Bergman to Federico Fellini to Jean-Luc Godard to Louis Malle to Francois Truffaut to David Lynch – the list just goes on and on. Here’s a great list of “The Criterion Collection” movies you should watch to introduce you to the best classic movies!

You should stop wondering is Hulu worth the money because for around $10, the amount of content you get, compared to Cable TV, is incredible. Plus, when you compare the content that is brand new or just a day old, it’s even better than Netflix.

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