Is Buying a Smart TV — Smart or Dumb?

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If you’ve gone shopping for a television set any time in the past couple years, you’ve begun to see a proliferation of Smart TVs, or televisions with Wi-Fi connections and apps, like Netflix, Hulu and Vudu. Buying a Smart TV has good and bad attributes, though, and we want to share them with you in this two-part series.

The price is a little higher (anywhere from 10- to 25-percent higher than their non-Smart TV counterparts that don’t have Internet access).

But with a higher price, you get some convenience – and the ability to enjoy much more entertainment without doing anything extra.

But many claim that getting a Smart TV over a regular TV that’s paired with a set-top box, like Roku or Google Chromecast, is not a wise decision.

We’re going to shares some thoughts on the pros and cons of buying a Smart TV, so you can make the decision yourself!

Pros of Buying a Smart TV

We’ll measure the pros and cons of buying a Smart TV in this series!

1. You Don’t Have to Buy an Over-the-Top Box

These set-top boxes like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV can cost anywhere from $35 to $100 or more.

2. Apps Like Netflix and Hulu Offer Many More Choices

You only need to connect your Smart TV to your Wi-Fi, then login to your accounts at Netflix and Hulu and you are quickly able to watch all of their TV shows and movies – with a subscription.

You’ll also get music apps on your TV, since many Smart TVs also have Pandora and Spotify, allowing you to listen to your favorite playlists and music channels. If you can get the amazon music app also, you can listen to the MP3s you’ve purchased there.

3. Smart TVs Have Special Remote Controls

That means you won’t need your remote for your Roku or Apple TV in order to watch Netflix. Now you’ll only have one remote to lose behind the end table in the bedroom.

4. Check Out Websites Through Your TV

You’ll have a web browser, which you can use to go directly to some network websites to watch TV shows. It’s not ideal, however, as it still works like a browser on TV, which no one has been able to really figure out yet.

Social media apps also give you the ability to see what your friends and the other people you follow are doing on Facebook and Twitter.

With some Smart TVs, you can even play games like Angry Birds if you want.

5. Save Space and Keep a Clean Look

Finally, by mounting your Smart TV to the wall, or putting it up on a dresser or a shelf, you get a nice clean look, without also having a box or streaming stick poking out.

Buying a Smart TV sounds like a great idea – but check out our recent article that shares seven reasons not to buy a Smart TV!

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