Netflix Casts Finn Jones to Star In “Iron Fist”

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In a much-anticipated move, Marvel and Netflix announced their leading man for the upcoming “Iron Fist” series. Finn Jones, who played Ser Loras Tyrell in HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” will star as Danny Rand, whose alter ego is the superhero Iron Fist, in the upcoming drama series.

For the uninitiated, Iron Fist is a superhero with martial arts fighting ability, and a supernatural force called the “Iron Fist” that he focuses through his chi.

Rand is a billionaire (being a rich guy always helps when becoming a superhero, kids), but he also happens to be a Buddhist monk.

If I had a nickel for every fighting Buddhist billionaire story, I’d be a rich man.

“Iron Fist” joins Netflix’s Marvel catalogue, which will have three other Netflix Original series running by then, including “Marvel’s Daredevil” (Season 2 came out Friday!), “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” and “Marvel’s Luke Cage.” (Jessica Jones ranks as one of the highest-rated Netflix Originals.)

“Finn wonderfully blends confidence with vulnerability, making him the perfect choice as he struggles to find his place in the world. Now that we’ve found our Danny Rand, we’ve completed our principal cast for the upcoming Defenders on Netflix and we are thrilled to continue to show audiences unexplored corners of the Marvel Universe.” — Executive Producer/Head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb

Jones has appeared in all five seasons of “Game of Thrones,” and we already know he’ll be back for Season 6 on HBO, when it premieres on April 24, 2016. But his character, Loras Tyrell, is currently being held prisoner by the re-established Faith Militant and is about to stand trial.

Considering Jones has already taken the role to star as “Iron Fist,” we can probably make a good guess on how that trial will end.

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