Netflix’s Binge Scale: Which Shows Do You Savor or Devour?

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We all understand how Netflix has changed how we all watch television. Binge-watching a TV series on Netflix has become the new high mark, replacing “appointment TV.” If you have a show that people are happy to binge-watch on Netflix, then you are better off than a show that people plan to watch when it rolls around.

By looking at our habits, the streaming giant is able to figure out which shows are more binge-worthy than other shows. In other words, they mined the data to figure out what different genre of TV shows would have you sit in front of your TV longer than other shows.

According to Netflix, Netflix members average finishing an entire season of a TV show over the course of one week. (That seems awfully high to me, and I watch a lot of Netflix.) They point out, however, that not all series are enjoyed the same way.

”Netflix examined global viewing of more than 100 serialized TV series across more than 190 countries and found when members are focused on finishing a series, they watch a little over two hours a day to complete a season. When organizing series in relation to this benchmark, interesting patterns emerge, ranging from high energy narratives that are devoured to thought-provoking dramas that are savored.” – Netflix

Binge Scale Netflix

They’ve determined that viewing a show like “House of Cards,” has people watching at a much slower binge pace because it’s a thought-provoking drama.

However, there are shows like “Orphan Black” and “The 100” that people tend to rip through faster because they have higher energies, with faster paces.

Thrillers have some pretty great cliffhangers, which often force you to move right into the next episode of the series. But historical dramas, like “Narcos,” and political dramas, like “House of Cards,” can be bitten off in smaller chunks because they’re more than just visual candy. Think of it like – eating popcorn (devour) compared to eating cheesecake (savor). They both give you tons of flavor, but one will stick with you longer.

It’s interesting, also, that “Irreverent Comedies” are on the “Savor” side, which I think speaks more to the fact that comedies don’t necessarily pull you in one after another with cliffhanger endings. You’re not dying to see what happens in the next “Bojack Horseman” episode or “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

But when it comes to “Shows to Devour,” we always wanted to know what’s next with “Breaking Bad,” “Dexter” and “Sons of Anarchy.” Watching more than two hour’s worth of those shows at a time is much easier to do than for a sitcom like “F is For Family” or “Arrested Development.”

The Netflix Binge Scale might not be something that changes what you watch, but it could change when you watch the shows you like. If you know you only have an hour to watch some shows, then you should go toward a show from the “Savor” side. But if you’re looking at a rainy Saturday afternoon ahead of you, it’s time to consider a series on the right side — and order up some Chinese delivery!