Start With a Bang! 3 Must-Watch First Seasons on Netflix

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There are plenty of great shows that had much better first seasons than the ones I mentioned below, but these were particularly good – compared to their follow-up seasons.

My recommendation to you, if you haven’t seen these shows, is to watch the first season of each show – then abandon the series and keep a good taste in your mouth forever after. Don’t become like the rest of us, who sat through season after season of a show slowly slipping in quality, hoping every year that it would get better.

Great First Seasons on Netflix Worth Watching

Each show has hour-long episodes and they each run about 22 shows deep for their first season. They make for a great month of binge-watching!


This series is kind of like if “The Blacklist” and “Lost” had a baby.

How fast did we fall in love with Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow? From the get-go, this action-packed spy drama (also from 2001) was one of the best on ABC. Garner got the leading role after working as a recurring character on “Felicity,” which was J.J. Abrams’ first show. Once he decided to get into the spy show business, Abrams cast Garner and the rest was history.

Abrams was quickly deemed a genius at this point, and he went on to help create other TV shows like, “Lost” and “Fringe,” with his production company, Bad Robot. (Unfortunately, “Alias” fell apart after Abrams moved on to “Lost.”

Sidenote: Bradley Cooper was a supporting actor in this series as one of Sydney’s friends/co-workers, but apparently, he wasn’t a big fan of working on that show!


Our comic-book fantasies came true in the fall of 2006, when “Heroes” premiered. This show really predated the nerd-slosion that’s currently happening on television, now that there are about a dozen or so comic book hero TV shows.

In “Heroes,” ordinary people suddenly discover that they have superhuman powers, and of course, there are good guys and bad guys.

Everyone remembers the mantra, “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World,” considering it was all over MySpace (remember that?) as people’s quotes. Unfortunately, once they saved the cheerleader in Season One, we found out, the world still needed saving and it became ridiculous after that, as good guys became bad guys and vice versa.

“Prison Break”

One year before “Heroes” came out, the Fox Network gave us “Prison Break.” The plot surrounded two brothers who were stuck in the same prison trying to escape, with one of them sentenced to death for a crime we find out he did not commit. The other brother purposely got sentenced to the very same prison! Whodathunk!?!

“Prison Break” and “Heroes” both had some of the same problems in that in the later seasons, we were kinda forced to root for the bad guys in certain situations. You should never have to root for a character named “Teabag.” Ever.

Give this trio of must-watch first seasons on Netflix a try and let us know what you think. Are there other shows that had great first seasons that I might have forgotten?

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