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Stream These 5 Must-See Canceled TV Shows

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Looking for something interesting to watch on Netflix or Amazon? What about Hulu or Crackle?

Often times, we find ourselves waiting for the latest seasons of our favorite streaming originals to arrive.

But something we might not realize is that there are some great shows that are currently streaming on those channels.

I’m talking about some must-see canceled TV shows that deserve another look! These are shows that, for whatever reason, were canceled by one of the main TV networks.

My guess is that if all five of these canceled TV shows were on streaming channels like Netflix or Amazon, they would never have been canceled!

5 Must-See Canceled TV Shows to Stream

Firefly - Revived TV Series Netflix

Firefly (2002-03)

14 Episodes Streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix

This is a great sci-fi TV show in the spirit of the Star Trek series, set in the year 2517. It follows the renegade crew of the spaceship Serenity. The show takes a look at how these people survive traveling into the unknown reaches of the galaxy, while dodging the authorities and the assorted bad guys from other worlds.

“Firefly” became such an underground hit on DVD in the 2000s, they decided to make a movie called, “Serenity,” which takes place after the show’s final episodes. (By the way, “Serenity,” filmed in 2005, is also available through Netflix, so you can find out what happens to the Serenity crew!)

I actually used “Firefly” as a great example in my article about “5 Types of Revived TV Series Netflix Should Work On.”

Jericho - Canceled TV shows

Jericho (2006-08)

29 Episodes Streaming on Netflix

I love a great post-apocalyptic story, and this one is as realistic as it gets! This drama was about the lives of the residents of Jericho, Kansas, a fictional town left for dead after a series of nuclear attacks hit 23 major cities in the United States. (Don’t worry, I’m sure your city was spared, unless you are from Denver.)

The show was canceled after lackluster ratings after one season, but a fan campaign convinced CBS into bringing it back for a seven-episode second season. Finally, it was canceled after similarly low ratings.

Fans of Stephen King’s “The Stand” will enjoy this look at life after the destruction of government and the industrial/electronic world we live in.

Kidnapped - -Canceled TV shows too early

Kidnapped (2006-07)

13 Episodes Streaming on Crackle

A rich New York couple’s son is abducted in the city in the very first episode, and FBI agents have to track down the criminals that did it, hoping to find the teenage boy still alive. This is a high-octane show with some really great shock moments. If you liked, Mel Gibson in “Ransom,” you’ll like this. Viewers will also like this one for several reasons, including the fact that it has a series finale and that the cast is so incredibly strong.

NBC moved this show around to several different nights and time slots, the only way you could make sure to keep track was with a DVR. Eventually, after just five episodes, the network cut production down from 22 episodes to just 13. And – get this – the network chose to air the final eight episodes on their website.

This was back in the mid-2000s when watching TV through your computer was not quite as easy and hassle-free as it is now. Finally, after lackluster ratings — no doubt because of the network’s mishandling – NBC chose not to renew it.

Again, I can totally see this series as one of the Hulu Originals streaming each season, like “The Path.”

Life - Canceled TV shows to stream

Life (2007-09)

32 Episodes Streaming on Hulu and Netflix

I think this is one of the best police procedurals ever created. Charlie Crews, played by Damian Lewis (now starring in Showtime’s “Billions”), was an L.A. cop that was wrongfully accused of murder. He was later exonerated for the murders – after 12 years of being stuck in the California prison system (not a great spot for a former cop!) He sued the city and was awarded millions as a settlement with the city.

Despite becoming filthy rich (this is where it gets good), he chooses to return to his job as a police detective, so that he can work on solving the very crime he was accused of. Sarah Shahi co-stars in this show, which marks the exact moment I fell in love with her.

Life on Mars - Canceled TV Shows

Life on Mars (2008-09)

17 Episodes Streaming on Amazon (for rent)

This is such a weirdly brilliant concept for a TV show, that it left viewers that didn’t catch the first episode a little baffled. It had such a strong cast, though, with Jason O’Mara, Michael Imperioli, Harvey Keitel and Gretchen Mol starring in it.

New York police detective Sam Tyler gets hit by a car in 2008, but he regains consciousness to find that he’s now in the year 1973. When he goes to his old precinct, they mistake him for a transfer, and he’s now a crime-solving police detective in the early ‘70s, trying to figure out why how he got stuck in this decade. Imagine a politically correct cop trying to solve crime 40 years ago, without the high-tech tools police detectives have now. He has to use his wits!

This was originally a successful show on BBC One that they developed for an American audience. You can stream that show on YouTube! I bet it has an ending, too!

With so many great streaming channels out there, it’s tough to think that there will be a lot more canceled TV shows that deserve longer lives in the future. Maybe, hopefully, some of these series will get resurrected … someday!

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