Streaming TV Shows Coming Soon Grid

In the past year or so, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in original streaming TV shows coming from the different streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and Amazon. It’s seems like we’re caught in the middle of this battle for content, and really, what better place could there be?

Now, we have great streaming services, mostly flush with money, bringing in great writers and buying up promising shows, to go along with tons of shows on network and Cable TV already.

The problem with that is – your remote control doesn’t show a channel grid to see what’s on all of the streaming networks like it does for cable.

That’s where we come in. Our goal is to keep track of all the streaming shows that are already playing, letting you know if we think they’re worth watching or not, and which original streaming shows are coming soon.

When one of these Streaming TV shows finally premieres, or the newest season arrives, we move it over to our Streaming TV Guide.

Streaming TV Shows Coming Soon

Our “expected binge-ability meter” or (XBAM) is a “very scientific gauge” we use to determine which streaming shows we should truly be excited to see, and which ones don’t really catch our fancy. It’s very possible some shows become mega-hits in spite of very little fanfare ahead of time (see Hulu’s “Casual”), but you can usually tell how binge-able a show will be in the buildup to its premier. The XBAM goes from 1 (I’ll watch it when I’m done with everything else on Netflix) to 10 (none of my friends should pick these dates to get married, ‘cuz I won’t be at the wedding).

DateOriginal Streaming TV Shows Coming SoonServiceXBAMUpcoming
TBAStraight UpCrackle
TBADifficult PeopleHulu6Season 2
August 12, 2016The Get DownNetflix8
July 15, 2016Stranger ThingsNetflix7
November 4, 2016The CrownNetflix5
September 30, 2016Marvel's Luke CageNetflix6
June 17, 2016Orange is the New BlackNetflix10Season 4
July 1, 2016Marco PoloNetflix4Season 2
2017MarseilleNetflix2Season 2

Don’t forget that when one of these Streaming TV shows’ arrives, we move it over to our Streaming TV Guide!

We’ll be updating this list of streaming TV shows coming soon, so check back often to see when your favorite ones are coming back — and which new ones are right around the corner!