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Weekly Streaming Ideas: Catch-Up Mondays

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Watching TV is no longer the linear experience we’ve grown accustomed to for half a century. Streaming several shows back-to-back-to-back has become more common. So my “Weekly Streaming Ideas” series is meant to help you reprogram your weeknights, especially as we enter the relatively lame summer season.

This week, I’m going to post an article that shares streaming ideas for each day of the week, in hopes of giving you some options for your TV watching plans each week this summer. Today, we share our “Catch-Up Mondays” gameplan.

Since cutting the cord a while back, my TV watching habits have changed quite a bit. I still have an HD antenna, as well as Roku, and several streaming apps, like Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Since the best TV shows are mostly on hiatus until the fall, I’m not dying to watch a lot of the TV shows coming on networks between 8pm and 11pm each weekday night.

Now is a perfect time to go back and do some short three- or four-episode binges on different TV shows (sitcoms, dramas, news shows, etc.) that you might have missed over the past few months. These might be shows you liked, but never really found time to squeeze into your routine.

All of the shows I mention are available on Hulu Plus. My “Weekly Streaming Ideas” series is not going to only be from Hulu, but on “Catch-Up Mondays,” it’s all about the green logo! These recommendations are to help you catch up before next season, and since Hulu is really the only network that’s streaming current shows in-season, this was the place for this blog to center around.

Catch-Up Mondays: Get Up-to-Date on Shows

Remember that Hulu Plus mostly runs shows from ABC, NBC and Fox, and that if you want to catch up on CBS shows, you might be out of luck. There are also tons of cable shows that you might want to get caught up on, like from Comedy Central, FX, and TNT.

Our suggestion is to pick two or three different shows, and watch two or three episodes of each, which will give you a pretty good routine to follow each week. Also, I like setting my night up like a regular night of network TV, so I might do a few sitcoms before watching a nighttime drama.

What’s also good about this method around this time of the year is that a lot of networks are showing reality TV shows, like “America’s Got Talent,” “American Ninja Warrior” or “Master Chef.” In other words, you aren’t missing out on major plotlines by catching up on other shows Monday, and you can catch up on your favorite reality shows later on in the summer.

ABC Shows

No networks has as much diversity as Disney’s ABC, with a sitcom for nearly every culture (they haven’t figured out Latinos, though, yet). It’s also the Shonda Rhimes network, with several of her dramas, and more on the way this fall.

Sitcoms: The Goldbergs | The Middle | Fresh Off the Boat | Modern Family | Blackish | The Real O’Neals

Dramas: Scandal | Quantico | The Catch

Fox Shows

Animation Domination is still going on at Fox, but Bob’s Burgers is the only one left that I think deserves a binge-athon once in a while. Also, two canceled sitcoms that deserve a streaming marathon while they’re available are “The Grinder” and “Grandfathered.” Both are hilarious – and both kind of wrap up nicely to make for a one-season existence. Finally, how did the CW’s DV Universe not get “Gotham” a couple years ago?

Sitcoms: The Last Man on Earth | Bob’s Burgers | The Family Guy | The Simpsons | Brooklyn Nine-Nine | New Girl

Dramas: Empire | Wayward Pines | Bones | Gotham

NBC Shows

In recent years, the network that brought us most of the best sitcoms of the past 30 years, including “Cheers,” “Frasier,” “Friends,” “Seinfeld” and others, is pretty think on sitcoms.

If you haven’t seen “The Carmichael Show,” give it a shot. It’s the closest thing we’ll see to “All In the Family” – and it’s a black family, which gives it a great twist on Archie Bunker.

Sitcoms: The Carmichael Show | Superstore

Dramas: Shades of Blue |Law & Order: SVU | Chicago Fire | Chicago PD | Blindspot | The Black List

Cable TV Shows

Comedy Central and FX pretty much own all the best shows on the cable networks, but there are some other gems out there. USA has the highly acclaimed “Mr. Robot,” which is getting ready for Season 2. Also, don’t forget that there are dozens and dozens of other networks that streams shows through Hulu, so check out this list.

Sitcoms: Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Broad City | Workaholics | Man Seeking Woman | Inside Amy Schumer | Louie | Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll | The Comedians | Baskets | Portlandia | Angie Tribeca | Teachers

Dramas: UnReal | Fargo | The Americans | The People vs. O.J. Simpson | Mr. Robot | Colony | Manhattan

Did we forget to mention a sitcom or a drama that you really like that’s on Hulu? Post it in our comments so our readers can find more good shows to add to their queue.

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