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The Streaming TV industry is starting to explode, and within the next five years, we’re bound to see even more players get into the game soon.

By jumping on the tvUPstream bandwagon, you’ll build a portfolio of articles in an industry that’s going to be looking for any writers with experience.

Cable TV and Satellite TV companies are going to start rolling out more streaming options of their own, to join the big streaming services like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.

There are also the streaming devices, which are coming out with new features all the time? Is Roku the best one out there? What do you think about Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV? Help our readers find out what you think about the devices you’ve used in the past, and which ones you think are the best.

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We cover several different aspects of the streaming TV industry, including interesting news about the streaming world, new products and new streaming channels.

But the one thing everyone loves to write about is streaming TV shows, from the brand new shows that seem to be coming out every week, to the older ones coming out with their second, third and fourth seasons.

5 Article Ideas for Your First Post

  • 3 Best Features of [whatever streaming device you use]
  • What’s Next in the Netflix Future?
  • 4 TV Shows You Should Be Streaming Right Now On [whatever streaming service you want]
  • The 3 Funniest Shows You Don’t Know About
  • 7 Awesome Things to Do With [whatever streaming device you want] Besides Streaming

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We want you to write for us, and want your opinions! We won’t be telling you what we think are the best services or shows. If you write for tvUPstream, you’ll have an open venue to talk about your favorite streaming services, devices and shows.